Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0

Broadcast your music and audio with this FM transmitter.
The Whole House FM Transmitter® 2.0 covers 50 yards and you don’t need a FCC License to operate it since it meets FCC’s part 15 rules. (FYI, even if you wanted to, you can't get an FCC license to broadcast on the public FM Band... unless you’re a major corporation with deep pockets!)

You can use it with virtually any audio source…your iPod, MP3 Player, Satellite Radio, TV, DVD Player, laptop and Home Stereo System just to name a few options.

You can power it 4 ways:

    • 110/220V wall outlet
    • 12v car cigarette lighter
    • Your Computer’s USB port
    • 3 “AA” batteries

Microphone in-port sets us apart from the pack and gives you the ability to use it on the fly and not require you to first record your voice and then play it back.

Unlimited versatility... when you combine its distance, virtually unlimited audio source options, the microphone in-port, and the multiple ways it can be powered, you now have the ability to listen to your favorite audio any place you can imagine... from your home, your office, car, back yard, boat, while camping, as you travel. etc.

Includes Six (6) Accessories

1.) 110/ 220V AC Power Adapter

What you get is a 110/220V AC wall power adapter. This allows you to power it from a wall socket so you don’t have to use batteries if you don’t want to.

And since its 110/220V you can still use it outside the United States, all you would need is a converter adapter to fit the type of wall plug for that country.

2.) 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Audio Cable

You get a 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo audio cable that's 40 inches long. This makes it very easy to use virtually any audio source imaginable. Just plug it into the audio out port on any audio device and the other end into the FM Transmitter.

3.) Computer USB Power Cable

A USB power cable that's 40 inches long. This allows you to power our FM Transmitter directly off your computer or laptop. This works great for those who want to broadcast their music downloads and other audio files and not be forced to stay close to their computer.

Another advantage to using this with your computer USB port is it won't take up another wall outlet.

4.) 12V DC Car Adapter

Next you get a 12V DC car power adapter. You can power the FM Transmitter by using your automobiles cigarette lighter. So again, you don’t have to spend money on batteries if you don’t want to.

5.) Stereo Audio "Y" Cable

The stereo “Y” cable allows you to split the audio source so it can go to the FM Transmitter while also going to another audio source at the same time.

For example, internet radio listeners will love this accessory because with this cable you can run the audio to your computer speakers AND the FM Transmitter at the same time. This works great if you wanted to listen outside or on another floor in the house but still wanted to hear the audio from your computer... without blasting the speakers.

6.) RCA Jack Stereo Audio Adapter

The RCA Jack Stereo Audio Cable, as I mentioned earlier, allows you to broadcast any audio source that uses RCA audio ports. As you might already know RCA ports are those red and white plugs that you see on the back of TV’s, DVD Players and Home Stereo Systems. Now you can easily broadcast that audio too with this adapter.

The Whole House FM Transmitter®2.0 now has more features and delivers more value than ever before, making far, the best FM Transmitter you’re going to find on the market today.

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