USB-RS485 Converter

Convert your USB to serial RS485. Get extended range of RS485 from the USB port of your computer. Converter supports two output ports.

The data from the computer to the controller is serial data. If the computer does not support serial data port, there is no way to communiate to the controller. The USB-RS485 is the device that will create the method for computers without serial ports to communicate to the controller(s).

Revival Control Systems built the USB-to-RS485 converter to help create a connection to our 40-channel light controller.

Reliable communication
The USB-RS485 converts the USB data to the highly reliable RS485 industry standard. Transmit up to 4000 ft.

Self Power
The USB-RS485 converter uses the USB voltage to create the RS485 output. No additional power supply is needed.

Dual outputs
There are two output ports (RJ45).  The multiple output jacks will allow you to expand you system easily.


  • Width: 2.6" (6.7 cm)
  • Length: 2.6" (6.7 cm)
  • Height: 1.1" (2.8 cm)


  • USB


  • Two RS485 (RJ45)
  • 5V DC is available on the RJ45 cable for future accessories


  • USB-RS485
  • 6-foot USB cable
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