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Featured products

40-Channel Light Controller

Revival Control Systems controllers are microprocessor-based. They are capable of creating spectacular lighting effects.
From $469.95

Prism Software

Revival Control Systems' Prism software is designed for the professional light designer and is a powerful software application for creating innovative, ever-changing displays.

RGB LED Controller Pack

  • 27-Channel DC Controller
  • 9 single pixel (dumb) RGB Ribbons
  • 9 10-foot 4-core waterproof extension cord
  • $525.00

    Smart Pixel RGB LED Pack

  • Smart Pixel Controller
  • 50W Waterproof Power Supply
  • 10-foot 3-core waterproof extension cord
  • 150 - 50/50 RGB LED - 16' (5 meters)
  • $139.95

    Wireless Modules

    Wireless modems are becoming “must have” components for lighting systems these days. Going wireless will ease installation of hard to get to places (i.e., across the street).
    From $149.95