RGB LEDs and Controllers

Revival Control Systems RGB LED products are designed with ease of use in mind.

RGB LEDs are energy efficient and atractive solution for your lighting needs. These systems effectively integrate advanced technologies and optional software to arrive at solutions that create a wide range of lighting displays.

We never stop looking for smarter ways to use the latest technology. It’s what we call The Intelligent Use of Technology and it’s the philosophy that led to our newest products. Discover how they’re already starting to revolutionize the lighting industry.

 From our easy-to-install, single-pixel RGB dumb LEDs to our addressable RGB LEDs, take a quick look at the RGB LED products to get an idea of how each of the systems compare to one another.

Single Pixel RGB LED Dumb Controller

Create millions of colors by mixing red, green, and blue. Achieve a spectrum of colors with these RGB LEDs.

The controller is powerful and easy to use. These RGB LEDs are bright and engergy-efficient. Learn more...


Multi Pixel Addressable RGB LED Smart Controller

Revival Control Systems gives you more control with these addressable RGB LEDs. We offer the ability to control every segment of the RGB LED strip while still able to combine the color spectrum of the rainbow.

We designed the Smart RGB LED pack to reduce utility costs and installation time. Learn more...


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