USB-RS485 Converter

Revival Control Systems built the USB-to-RS485 converter to help create a connection to our 40-channel light controller.

The data from the computer to the controller is serial data. If the computer does not support serial data port, there is no way to communiate to the controller.  The USB-RS485 is the device that will create the method for computers without serial ports to communicate with the controller(s).

Convert your USB to serial RS485. Get extended range of RS485 from the USB port of your computer. Converter supports two output ports. Windows automatically configures the serial output as an additional COM port. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7. Learn more...


Wireless Modules (WM1)

Wireless modems are becoming “must have” components for lighting systems these days. Going wireless will ease installation of hard to get to places (i.e., across the street).

Revival Control Systems designed the Wireless Module to exceed the standard. The Wireless Modules will save time, improve installation cost and enhance reliability. Seamlessly add wireless to replace your wires. Learn more...


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