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    Greek to English Please.?

    Hello not sure what this mean. Can you someone who is greek help???
    Stin ygeia sou koumpare mou...................

    Apolambanw asmata kai ouiskaki................ta akous ta pagakia......
  2. The glass core of an optical fiber has an index of refraction 1.64. The index of refr

    The glass core of an optical fiber has an index of refraction 1.64. The index of refraction of the cladding is 1.50. What is the maximum angle a light ray can make with the wall of the core if it is...
  3. Die cutting machine? (paper cutting)?

    I'm thinking of buying a die cutting machine.
    Problem is I have no ideas of its capabilites
    Would they work for my use?
    -cutting a piece of paper into squares, triangles or rectangles, whatever...
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    Best golf courses in australia?

    I'm planning a golf trip to australia but don't know which golf courses to plan on going to. I was wondering what the best courses to golf in australia are?


  5. Question for ranch people: which temporary horse fencing?

    is best for sectioning off large pasture land? I'm looking for type and manufacturer and want one that is horse-safe and easiest to set up and take down to move for rotation of pasture land. What...
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    Metallic sandals??

    Heyy:] I am looking for a pair of metallic gold or silver sandals. I really need a new pair of sandals and im not really sure were I could find some. Were can I find metallic gold sandals?? And if...
  7. Where can I find a kids shower curtain with fish or sea animals?

    I'm looking for something with fish, starfish, sea horses, even mermaids. It's for a little girl so bright colors and maybe even pink in there would be good, but I'm having the hardest time! I've...
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    CANNABIS questions :o?

    Soo i was wondering what is the difference between Cannabis Indica and Sativa.
    I don't want a history lesson, i just want to know how the highs are different and which ones are better..
    AND, i...
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    Radiator cap?

    what are the signs of a bad radiator cap??...coolant keep flowing into the overflow tank and i think i see some chances are it could be headgasket prob...but i wanna try the simple thing...
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    Painting my babys room and...?

    The paint turned out horrible! I was painting pink over white, and it was supposed to be a light baby pink, but it turned out hot pink and it's all thick and goopy, and a horrible texture!! What...
  11. Co-op Apartments? Can you sell shares after few years?

    Whats the difference between buying a Condo vs a Co-op, beside less closing costs and transaction fees? Can you sell co-op shares after few years?

    apartment for sale parow cape...
  12. Smok Xpro M80 Plus not firing as powerful as it was?

    Is this a common problem with the mod, or something I am doing wrong? Should I take it back to the vape shop and explain this to them?

    I have literally only had it for 2 days and am already...
  13. I want to practice lot of tests for toefl test(ibt)?

    can anyone please gimme sites which have mock tests...or shd i buy any books for the tests?already solved four tests from a book

    toefl speaking topics
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    Painting chrome door handles black?

    I know normal paint will not stick. My plan is to primer the entire body of my old 91 silverado then have all trim in black. I can get black mirrors, bumpers, grill and everything I need but I could...
  15. Is it okay to wear kid shoes for running?

    I am an adult with small feet, and kids shoes are less expensive,
    but I want to make sure that I am getting proper arch support, cushioning, etc. and not damaging my feet if I run with kids...
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    Wedding photographer experience?

    I'm shooting a wedding in April. I'm a good photographer, I've done portraits, nature, still life, etc. However, I've never done a wedding, and from what I hear, it's a whole different ball game. I...
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    Best european football academies?

    can you name a few academies. that i can apply for and not be scouted from like ajax. and links to their websites. preferably france and germany .

    al meehal football club
  18. Is website development process a business process? Why?

    are there any sub-business process under the website development process?
    i.e. Is website contract signing, search engine optimization considered a business process too?
  19. What subject should i use for public speaking?

    what subject should i use for public speaking in year 9 any topic

    home tuition agency
  20. Competition help! which design do you like most [with pics]?

    80s rocker Kaftan competition, these are only my initial thoughts before you make any rude comments :]

    The first and second: taken into consideration that 80s incorporated army wear am I on the...
  21. Where can i get Marketing project for MBA specialization?

    I wanted to do a project on Marketing. I m not prefering any topics but i wanted to know how to get projects from companies.

    ειδήσεισ ελλάδα τώρα
  22. How to score more points in roulette cricket app?

    i want to score high points in roulette cricket in iphone app

    Live baccarat malaysia
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    What do mean by industrial mechanics?

    I am selected for the final round of an international science competition named iken Scientifica. In this final round, I have to choose any two topics among these 5 topics- Industrial Mechanics /...
  24. Where to find cheap room in hotel or guest house in mumbai for few days??

    can i get room in mubai in hotel or guest house for 500 rs /day

    boys pg near welldone it park
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    Router or cable modem?

    What is the difference between cable modem or router. Both have same speed. Any advantage in having router. Recently I changed my cable modem to router and don't find any difference in speed...
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