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Revival Control Systems is pleased to announce the launch of revivalcontrolsystems.com’s all-new online store for our full line of light controller products and accessories. The official Revival Control Systems On-Line store  is now open and ready for you to visit!

Log on today to discover an exciting array of new products, including the 40-channel light controller and accessories. We carry a complete line of new products, from FM transmitter to USB-to-Serial converter.

Revival Control Systems covers all your needs to make your lighting display a success.  We have built our on-line store around a friendly, easy to use interface.  We are dedicated to providing products and services to our customers that will assure a professional experience when shopping with us.

Now more than ever, value is important. Revival Control Systems offers more quality products at low prices. Many of our products are designed to help save you money and at the same time create easier system installation. We make every effort to provide our customers with the best pricing.

Remember to check back often. We will be adding exciting new products from top manufactures regularly.

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New Prism Light Controller System

The new Revival Control Systems
Prism Light Control System is the best in total
light control performance.

Simple. Intelligent.
For now. For the future.

After years of development with leading-state-of-the-art technologies, Revival Control Systems is proud to introduce the Prism Light Control System. The light control system combines powerful microprocessor and easy to use software to yield an unmatched light control systems. So simple. So intelligent. Control is built right in.

Each Prism Light Controller can control 40 channels individually. The system can be expanded to 128 controllers. The Prism Light Control System manages your light show display and provides for future development and expansion.

Now that’s Reviving you lights!

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